Dysponujemy kadrą doświadczonych spedytorów, którzy pomogą w wyborze środka transportu.

We provide tailor-made warehousing services for our clients, including the design and operation of supply chains. We provide full security related to the proper storage of goods. The product storage service is aimed at anyone looking for a suitable place to store their goods for a specific period of time in relation to established rules.

✓ On the territory of our premises there is a covered warehouse with an area of 2500m2 equipped with all the necessary equipment.

Your goods in a safe place

Cargo acceptance

We pick up and start the process of storing your goods. We make a report on the technical condition of the goods.

Load folding

We begin the process of storing the cargo with its safety.


We complete your goods and prepare them for shipping.


We complete, secure and release your goods for further logistics processes.


We have a 2500 m2 warehouse on our premises

Safety and innovation

We have the professional machines required for the correct storage of goods of varying sizes.


We are professionals. We transport any load, wherever it is.


We work with trusted carriers. We organise transport from A to Z.


Your goods are safe with us. We have a network of warehouses and storage equipment.


We have a staff of experienced freight forwarders who will assist in the selection of means of transport.

Quick contact with us

Do not hesitate to contact us. Our staff will be happy to answer all your questions.

We are available.

+ 48 507 050 670

45 Kobylnicka St.
Bugaj 62-007 Biskupice