Experience built up over the years

The Henzel company was founded in 2001 on the initiative of its current owner Krystian Henzel. Since the establishment of the company we have managed to complete almost 100 thousand transports throughout Europe, thanks to which we have gained a lot of experience and trust on the local transport market. Currently we specialise in partial and full load transport between Poland and England / England Poland. Nasza flota składa się z samochodów ciężarowych spełniających normy emisji spalin Euro 6. Posiadamy standardowe naczepy, naczepy typu mega, półmega oraz podwójna podłoga, zestawy drogowe (7.7+7.7). Auta wyposażone są w system satelitarnego monitorowania, dzięki czemu nasi spedytorzy mają możliwość niemal natychmiastowego sprawdzenia pozycji auta i towaru.

Transport comfort you will appreciate

All vehicles are equipped so that your goods are safe during transport. Our experienced drivers are fully trained to ensure the safety of your goods during transport, and each of them is also certified to carry dangerous goods (ADR). A qualified team of experienced forwarding agents, who speak English and German, is available 24 hours a day to help you choose the most suitable means of transport and provide information on the current position of your goods. At our premises, we have a trans-shipment warehouse with an area of 2,500 m2, equipped with the necessary equipment for the safe trans-shipment of all types of goods.

Learn more about the history of Henzel


The Henzel transport company is a family-run business that traces its roots back to 1981. The company's history is full of growth, development and the Henzel family's commitment to its success. Let's follow its fascinating journey through the years.

The beginnings of the Henzel company

In 1981, Henryk Henzel started his business as a transport entrepreneur with only one and then two Jelcz cars. He knew even then that transport would be his passion and a business worth developing. The beginnings were modest, but Henryk Henzel's ambition knew no bounds.

Development of Henzel

In the meantime Henryk Henzel received support from his younger son, while still a logistics student Krystian Henzel helped to run the company. In 2004 Krystian decided to set up his own company called Henzel, running it at the same time as his father. This was a watershed moment that led to significant growth of the company and the expansion of the fleet to over 200 trucks. Thanks to the cooperation between father and son, Henzel has become a dynamic player on the transport market.

A modern company base

In 2016, Henzel moved to a new, state-of-the-art base, which was equipped with warehouses, mechanics' stands, a petrol station and a spacious, modern office. This investment has strengthened the company's position and contributed to more efficient operations. Thanks to the state-of-the-art infrastructure, Henzel is now able to provide services at the highest level, providing customers with a comprehensive service.

Retirement of Henrik Henzel

In 2018, after many years of work and success, Henryk Henzel took a well-deserved retirement, handing over the reins of the company to his son Krystian. With his acquired experience and knowledge, Krystian Henzel is now the independent owner and CEO of Henzel. Henry Henzel's retirement was a watershed moment, but his presence is still strongly present in the company, where he ensures its continued growth.

Family presence in the company

Krystian's mother, Alfreda Henzel, played an important role in the life of the company from the very beginning. She was responsible for documentation and workflow, as well as for the induction of office staff. Although she is now sporadically present in the life of the company, her contribution and commitment remain unforgettable. Alfreda Henzel was an integral part of the team, ensuring that the office ran smoothly and that proper procedures and documentation were in place.

Employment and rolling stock at Henzel

Currently, Henzel has more than 300 employees and a fleet of more than 200 trucks. This shows that the company is not only stable, but also growing rapidly in the transport industry. Employment at Henzel is an excellent opportunity for those interested in working in the logistics industry. The extensive fleet of vehicles makes it possible to carry out a wide variety of transport assignments, which makes Henzel highly valued by customers and business partners.


The history of the Henzel transport company is an example of passion, family commitment and continuous development. From humble beginnings with two cars to a dynamic company with an impressive fleet and a modern base - Henzel has succeeded thanks to the determination, experience and joint efforts of the whole family. Today, Henzel is recognised as a reliable partner in the transport industry, offering high quality services and flexible solutions for customers. Working at Henzel is an opportunity for career development in a stable and professional environment.


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