We are professionals. We transport any load, wherever it is.


We work with trusted carriers. We organise transport from A to Z.


Your goods are safe with us. We have a network of warehouses and storage equipment.


We have a staff of experienced freight forwarders who will assist in the selection of means of transport.

Safe and timely transport is our priority.

Henzel is a haulier for the UK and the whole of Europe. Many years of experience and our own fleet of vehicles allow us to carry out even the most difficult orders.

Standard semi-trailers

Tractor units with standard semi-trailers measuring 13.6×2.45×2.75 and up to 24t total payload.

Mega trailers

Tractors with MEGA-type semi-trailers with dimensions of 13.6×2.45×3 and a total payload of up to 24t.

Road sets

Road kits - a 7.7×2.45×3 truck with a 7.7×2.45×3 trailer with a total payload of up to 24t.


Trucks with a total matrix of up to 12t, with dimensions of 6.8×2.4×2.4 capable of holding 17 euro pallets with a maximum load capacity of 7t. Equipped with a lift.

DOPPELSTOCK semi-trailers

Tractor-trailer units with doppelstock (double floor) trailers measuring 13.6×2.45×3 with a total payload of up to 24t, with a loading area capable of holding 66ep.

partner for logistics


Comprehensive transport from A to Z.


Security for your goods


The best solution for your transport.


Qualified freight forwarders at your service.

We specialise in transport to the UK

We offer comprehensive transport throughout Europe and the UK. We help you choose the right fleet, pick up the goods and transport them to the designated location, quickly and safely!

We know transport

We have a team of qualified freight forwarders at your disposal. We advise you on transport and, in the case of advanced transport, we use the transport services of our trusted partners. We ensure the comfort of your transport and the safety of your goods.

Your goods in a safe place

At our premises there is a 2500m2 covered warehouse equipped with all the necessary equipment. We store and take care of the safety of the goods.

Quick contact with us

Do not hesitate to contact us. Our staff will be happy to answer all your questions.

We are available.

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